High Quality Music Lessons

We teach kids to play traditional music, but we will also teach kids more contemporary ideas in lessons.

Our Services

Private Lessons and Group Classes

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Guitar/Bass Lessons

During the first three months of guitar lessons, the student will learn all the essential concepts needed to play guitar and understand music. The lessons are carefully planned to ensure a strong foundation for the student's musical education.

Piano Lessons

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Kids Group Class

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Teens Group Class

Over the course of three to four months, students (11-17 years of age) have an opportunity to learn and perfect a list of popular songs chosen by students and instructors together.

About Our Company

Our music theory lessons curriculum is focused around: 
Teaching students the basics of scale and chord construction, and how those elements can interact and be built upon
How you can do mathematical tricks with the music
How it relates to computer language and ancient counting systems
Basic scientific theory of waves
Lightly surveying music from palistrina to present to develop good taste (we say nice things about good stuff and make fun of songs we don’t like)
In order to prove the results of our musical analysis, we compose songs; and on our good days we can compose really, really good songs.

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