For Teens and Adults:
$55/hour session or
$160/pre-paid month: one full hour lesson per week 4X per month
For Children 12 y/o and younger:
$40/30 min session, or
$130/pre-paid month: one half hour lesson per week 4X per month

Monthly Lessons must be paid in full within the rst week of the month, or the frst scheduled lesson of the month. These lessons are also 1 hour each.

If you are running late please call and let me know. When it is possible to do so, I will try to accommodate by staying late so that you are able to still get a full hour lesson. An example of a reason why I would be unable to accommodate you would be if my staying late to give you your entire lesson would cause me to run late to begin someone else’s lesson. This is a courtesy.

If you are late and you do not call to let me know, I reserve the right to cancel your lesson with no refund after 15 minutes of waiting for you.

I will reschedule a lesson you are unable to make with 24 hours notice that you will be unable to attend. A lesson missed without notice can not be refunded. I reserve the right to not reschedule a lesson missed with less than 24 hours’ notice.

We are sometimes available to teach at your location for a fee of $20. per trip. Please ask regarding this.

The prices at the top of the page represent 4 lessons per month; For any month that contains 5 of your scheduled lesson date, the prices will go up by $40. for a fth hour lesson or $30. or the fifth half-hour lesson.

Lessons need to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, unless otherwise approved by instructor