Lesson Policies


Group lessons for students 10 years old and younger will be held every Monday 6pm-8pm, and will be included with enrollment in individual lessons.

Group lessons will reinforce the concepts learned in lessons, and provide students incentive to practice regularly throughout the week. Both will accelerate fluency and skill.

Students will learn both personal responsibility and teamwork by playing in a group; specifically, each student will be responsible for learning, in lessons and at home, several songs to be performed in a school show.

Group lessons are included in the cost of lessons for students 10 years old and younger.


Lessons are $250/month, with a $50/month discount for those using automatic payment through Zelle on the 1st of each month.

Students 10 years old and younger will receive a 30 minute lesson each week, and students over 10 years old will receive a 1 hour lesson.


Echo Music Factory
@ Sugar Land Art Center
104 Industrial Blvd.
Sugar Land, Texas 77479


Students will be eligible to receive up to ONE makeup lesson per month.

All makeup lessons will be held on either the first Saturday or Sunday of the following month.

To be eligible for a makeup lesson you must send an email 48 hours in advance of the lesson that will be missed to: questions@echomusicfactory.com


In order to keep our schedule organized, all re-scheduling must go to email at:

No other forms of communication will be accepted for this purpose, including: texts, in person notifications, voice calls, as there is too much chance for miscommunication.